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About us


On 04.05.2010, in the city of Sofia a meeting was held for the incorporation of socially useful non-profit organization ROAD SAFETY BULGARIAN BRANCH ASSOCIATION.

Some of the main objectives of the Association are:
1. To unite and coordinate the companies, producers, suppliers and performers of road accessories for making the national road network safe.
2. To work and take part in the process for improvement of road traffic safety with the purpose of protecting life and health on the road.
3. To monitor the observance of the high standards for quality in manufacturing activities, as it assists for the introduction and adoption of new technologies in the branch.
4. Permanent protection of the interests of members of the association before the local, regional, national and European institutions with regard to their activity.
5. Interaction with the legislative and executive power through well-grounded proposals for update of the regulatory order and technical requirements regulating activities related to road safety.
6. To work for coordination of the Bulgarian road safety standards with European and international standards and requirements.
7. Enhancement of professional competence and qualification of employees in the branch through conduction of trainings, exchange of positive practices with similar associations and organizations.
8. Assistance of the members of the association in explaining the new requirements, laws, regulatory orders and European directives related to road safety.
9. Integration with and membership of the Assoiation at similar European and international organizations and participation of representatives of the Association in their labour committees and commissions.
10. Involvement of new members at the Association.

Means for accomplishing the objectives of the Association
1. Raising funds by means of affiliation fees, member fees, target fees in exceptional cases, sponsorships, grants, involvement of Bulgaria and foreign investments and other similar for the financial provisions of the activity.
2. Conduction of seminars, trainings, workshops and experience exchange for enhancement of the professional competence in road safety.
3. Performance of consulting and information activity – particular knowledge in new technologies and materials, preparation of projects, lobbyism, courses, meetings with Bulgarian and foreign specialists on actual topics in theory and practice.
4. Issue of advertising materials and maintenance of advertising digital media.
5. Establishment of contacts, collaboration and interaction on European and international level with similar organizations, associations and institutions with the purpose of exchanging experience, ideas, knowledge and other information in the field of road safety.
6. Organization and conduction of regular meetings, seminars, symposia, discussions and forums for consideration of important issues directly or indirectly related to enhancement of safety on the national road and street network as well as to matters concerning the objectives of the association.
7. Assistance of the legislative and executive power upon the adoption of decisions related to road safety, provision of statements, development of draft laws and secondary legislation, preparation of reports, programmes, etc.
8. Monitoring of the observation of the operative legislation in the field of road safety, as well as the rules on ethics and fair competition, protection of the interests of the branch before authorities, protection from unfair competition between the association members.
9. Fulfillment of representation in national and regional bodies.

Board of Directors

The Association has bodies as follows:

1. General meeting – Supreme body of the Association;

2. Board of Directors – Higher executive body of the Association;

3. Chairman of the Board of Directors

4. Control board

Members of the Board of Directors:

Nikolay Ivanov – manager of Jupiter 05 Ltd., Chairman of the Board of Directors

Nikola Sharamanov – manager of Mikoni Ltd.

Zhivko Valchanov – executive director of RUD-Varna JSC

Dimitar Atanasov – executive director of Patna Signalizatsia i Saorazhenia JSC

Ivan Ivanov – executive director of Road Costruction Equipment Ltd.

Members of the Control Board:

Ivan Dimitrov — representative of Galco PLC

Eng. Nikolay Vaskov — manager of Vialux Bulgaria Ltd.

Dimitar Petkov — representative of AD Hold Ltd.